About Us

We are fitness and wellness exponents with professionals committed to helping men and women in their 40s and beyond create, maintain, and sustain a healthy mind and body.

Our fitness and health clubs pinpoint and solve individual fitness and health issues quadragenarians and older people have with their bodies as they age.

Also, because we know you need more than a gymnasium to enhance your general wellbeing, we provide our club members with various exercise machines and fitness facilities such as saunas, healthy juice and snacks bar, jacuzzi, steam rooms, warm-up and cool rooms, and physical therapy. As a member of our fitness community, you’ll have access to one-on-one training sessions with our professional trainers, and be a part of group classes to derive the advantage of group workouts.

Moreover, we’re not limited to indoor activities; our club owns valuable outdoor health and fitness facilities, including running tracks, racket sports courts, an outdoor pool, and a golf course.

You can enjoy all of these benefits only by registering in our clubs.

Our Mission & Vision



Our mission at Energiefitnessclubs.com is to offer all adults in their 40s and above professional help in attaining their fitness and health goals by providing state-of-the-art and functional exercising facilities alongside professional training.


Our ultimate vision is to build up physically and mentally fit adults in their 40s and beyond.


Frequently Asked Questions

Between lifting machines and free weights, which is safer for a beginner at the gym?

We advise our members who have never used weights to start with lifting machines since it’s a safer option for a beginner, and they’re palatable for your weaker muscles. However, with a good trainer and spotter, you can gradually and safely learn how to strengthen your core muscles such as the pelvis, hips, rectus abdominis with free weights.

Which cardio exercise is recommendable for a beginner?

We advise our trainees who are just beginning to start their cardio exercise by running. It’s an easy cardio workout requiring only your pair of running shoes. As you go on, you can run quicker and for a longer time, or add walking to your routine depending on your fitness level and goals. Just remember not to run too fast, so you don’t exhaust yourself too quickly.

How would you split exercise sessions between cardio and weights?

To avoid stressing your muscles, we advise members to divide their cardio and strength workout into different sessions. However, as a beginner, you may consider the amount of time you have to exercise, and then formulate a workout plan that you can follow for each session. Besides, you can maximize your workout time by incorporating strength training and cardio exercises in one session. Only remember not to overwork yourself or risk your form.

Is there an effective way of losing fats?

The reality is what works for one client doesn’t work for all. Meaning, fat isn’t lost through a particular means. Moreover, clients handle their training programs differently; therefore, results vary. Nevertheless, our fitness professionals have specific guidelines when planning a client’s training.

Physical activities that involve using many muscles burn more calories, therefore, reduce fats. Also, endurance, known as aerobic exercises, like jogging, swimming, running, help lose fat.

Are the facilities hygienic enough?

Hygiene is our way of life. Hence, we have trained cleaners positioned at different parts of our health and fitness clubs to clean all facilities immediately after use. We use effective disinfectants certified to eliminate viruses on our equipment and machines.

We also provide disposable paper towels, hand sanitizers, and disinfectants at different areas of the clubs for our members to use at will. More so, we inform our members to use the sanitizers on our facilities before and after a workout. We have adequate toilets to accommodate our community as we prioritize their hygiene and comfort. We provide quality water, soaps, and other hygienic items to assist members while using the toilet.

Do you have changing rooms?

Yes, we have changing rooms available for our members. The room contains a toilet, shower, and locker, too.

Do you permit bags in the gym or studio

We don’t allow bags in our gym and fitness studio as it’s hazardous. Kindly keep it in your locker and lock it afterward.

Do you offer personal training sessions?

Yes, we offer personal training sessions to all our members who register and submit the required form.