Strength Training Workout Routines

for Women

There is a general assumption that it’s only men who prefer to lift weights. This has been the trend for many decades. But it’s now changing. It’s common to see women deadlifting, benching, and squatting in the gym. This new revolution has led to more women beginning regular workouts.

Similarly, there has been a long-held tradition that women who lift weights and engage in workout routines will lose their feminine figure. On the contrary, research has shown that women who work out regularly get a more defined, curvier, and shapely figure. That is why we have come up with the best training routines for women.

Warming Up

Begin your daily workout routine by engaging in a simple and quick warm-up session. A warm-up session will prepare your muscles for the workout ahead. It will also help you reduce the probability of injury and improve your mobility during the workout.

Some of the most common warm-up routines include hip rotations, head rotations, heel digs, and knee lifts.


Plank is a common workout routine that targets legs, arms, and shoulders. It enhances upper body strength and tones muscles. Furthermore, including planks in your workout routine is a good way to reduce back pain because it strengthens the abdominal muscles. However, this exercise should be done carefully because it can hurt your wrists. Most experts suggest that you do planks on your forearm.

Bodyweight Split Squat

Squats are a core part of any workout routine. The bodyweight split squat is meant to enhance your glutes and legs. By engaging in a bodyweight split squat at a starting position, you can add a plyometric boost to your training. This exercise should be done carefully because balance is a major issue. Therefore, you should conduct bodyweight split squats near the wall with your hand resting on the wall. If the exercise takes a toll on your muscles, you can omit the plyometric jump and jump higher.

Burpee With Push-Ups

This is a workout routine that can increase total body exercise and make your heart pump faster. You can use it to keep your body in balance without sacrificing the body form. The exercise has several modifications that are meant to make it increasingly challenging. For instance, you can move the right leg to the four o’clock position and then swing it back to the six o’clock position. You can then shift it to the nine o’clock position before finally bringing it back to the center. The swinging is what is called a burpee.

However, it would help if you were careful because the exercise is known to lead to a breath shortage. Consequently, try to space out the routines and also breathe in and out during the exercise.

It’s highly recommended that you increase the leg swings’ intensity if you want to get more benefits from this workout.

Single-leg Toe Touches

Your lower body also needs some exercise. The single-leg toe exercise targets the lower body while improving body balance. Some people have also said that it targets the hamstrings. If you think you cannot balance your body properly, conduct this workout routine near a wall so that you can get extra support. Like all the other exercises, this is an exercise that should become increasingly difficult. For instance, you can increase the height of your raised leg.

Leg Raises

You can enhance your core strength without standing. Just lie down on the floor and raise your legs. This exercise is also a good remedy for back pain. However, you must make sure that you are moving your legs in a controllable manner throughout the entirety of the exercise. One sport that you can try to play which uses leg movements is table tennis. Some people are also getting better by playing with a robot as it is challenging and will really force them to use their legs to move. Aside from the legs, playing table tennis is also a great exercise for the wrists when using the paddle to play regardless of the paddle options used for playing.

Make sure that your lower back braces onto the floor to engage your muscles. Doing this will increase your core strength greater without affecting your hips.

Body Weight Squats

When you are standing or sitting, you are performing a bodyweight squat. This exercise targets your glutes and legs, which are the body’s strongest muscles. While doing this exercise, you must push out your butt carefully. If you don’t get this exercise correctly, you may injure your knees.

Use the hips’ muscles to heave yourself up without pressing the knees forward. In some cases, you may finish this exercise without moving your hips. Remember that you should increase the complexity of each squat if you plan to get more benefits from this routine exercise.


Push-ups may be a cliche, but they are the number one go-to exercise for many bodybuilding experts. That is because they work very well on the chest and shoulders muscles. They are also easier to modify and are not too challenging.

Final Take

Workout routines are a great way to stay healthy and increase your lifespan. They are also a good way to improve your physical appearance and create a great body figure. The workout routines we have explained above will come in handy when trying to establish a consistent routine.